Walkable Membrane PVC

Walkable Membrane PVS has a Long Life Span

Walkable Membrane PVC by DecTec® can be used directly over living areas, and is ideal for sundecks, patios, balconies, roof decks, boathouses, and garage decks. When installing walkable membrane PVC, ARC Roofing always puts safety first.

Walkable Membrane PVC has many benefits:

  • Economical – Walkable membrane PVC requires minimal maintenance combined with proven longevity equals low life-cycle costs based on a “per year” expense when compared to alternate walkable roofing options.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Long life span reduces repeated replacement and use of paints or chemicals.
  • Maintenance Free – Requires only bristle brush, light detergent to clean and remove leaves and debris.
  • Strength – A PVC membrane reinforced and coated to a polyester fabric mat through a spread-coating process provides durability plus UV, mildew, and salt resistance.
  • Flexibility – This allows for expansion and shrinking caused by the variable elements of weathering.

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The installation of a membrane roof requires a crane to put roofing materials in place. ARC Roofing is a certified roofing applicator always puts safety first.