Euroshield Roofing

euroshield roofing

Euroshield Roofing

Our roofing system customers are asking about Euroshield roofing. It has a transferable 50-year warranty and has strong resistance to hail and storm damage. It offers a truly “green” roofing choice, with products made from completely recycled products.

To learn more about Euroshield roofing, read the following Q&A with ARC Roofing’s operations manager, Pat O’Hara.

1) Is it designed for commercial or residential buildings or both?
Euroshield will work on any roof that has at least a 3/12 pitch, such as houses, credits unions, schools, banks, hotels – basically any roof on which you would find shingles, tile or metal roofing.

2) What experience does ARC Roofing have installing Euroshield?
We are 100 percent certified by the manufacturer for Euroshield with a lot of hands-on experience as well as training from the manufacturer. We also believe this state-of-the-art product will take over the roofiing industry.

3) What are the benefits for roofing customers of installing a Euroshield line?
We offer savings and a great warranty.  Since Euroshield is “hail & wind-proof,” it is the best choice for new homes or homes with storm damage, because the customer will not have to replace their roof after every hail event, as they do with typical shingles. Even the ones that say they are hail resistant are still destroyed by hail over 1-3/4 inches, which is very common in Texas. Although the products are more expensive, the labor is nearly the same for the Euroshield roof system. The cost savings in insurance deductibles alone, in not having to replace a roof after each hail event, will pay for the additional cost of the product. And it has a transferable 50-year warranty.

4) Where is Euroshield roofing available?
ARC Roofing is the exclusive contractor for most of Texas and all of Louisiana.

5) What are the environmental benefits of Euroshield?
Euroshield roofing products are made from completely recycled products — old tires melted back down to their original state. Using a proprietary injection-molding machine, Euroshield offers styles of shingles that imitate cedar or slate in brown, gray or black. Other ingredients in the new recycled product preserve the materials and keeps them from breaking down in extreme cold or heat, so they remain soft and pliable for 50 years.


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