Storm Damage Roof Repair

storm damage roof repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Is your home or business in need of storm damage roof repair?

Texas is known for its tumultuous weather patterns, and your roof is not immune. If the wind speeds get high enough, or the hail big enough, your building may incur damage. Sometimes storm damage roof repair needs are very visible, but at times, a trained eye is needed to spot weakened places in your roofing. To learn more about how to tell whether your need roofing repairs after hail damage, Click Here to read our guide for building or homeowners.

ARC Roofing has experience in repairing and replacing commercial and residential roofs after storm damage. To learn more about our work for residential customers, visit the Residential Roofing portfolio page by Clicking Here.

What if your business’ roof is damaged by a Texas thunderstorm with high winds but you cannot stop your business operations? What if you are in need of storm damage roof repairs? Who are you going to call? Our experts at ARC Roofing are dedicated to your customer satisfaction and that includes initially securing your roof to stop major leaks until more permanent repairs can be done. We also work with you and your insurance company to ensure timely coverage with attention to the details of the claim. We will also offer recommendations on the best type of roof for your operations moving forward. Our work at Hillcrest Dental in Waco is a perfect example.

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