Historic Buildings Restoration

Historic Building Restoration Requires Skill

A historic buildings restoration project requires a set of skills that our competitors do not have. ARC Roofing is qualified and experienced in working on older structures and know how to repair or replace your roofing during historic buildings restoration. Our portfolio of projects demonstrated our experience with historic buildings restoration. Click here to see examples of our project work.

The lowest bid is not always the best bid.

Did you know that not all roofing contractors conduct a comprehensive roof survey prior to submitting a bid on a project? Such surveys are necessary to prevent costly “change orders” when unexpected issues arise. ARC Roofing conducts roof surveys on every job and takes pride in completing projects on-time and within budget. A contractor should never charge for surveying a roof. It is part of the cost of doing business.

Entrust your historic building roofing project to a company that has a proven history of customer satisfaction.

View images below taken at projects for which ARC Roofing served as the historic building roofing contractor.

Let us provide contact information for these clients so you can have firsthand feedback on our work.

Texas State Technical College Hangar

Historic Buildings Restoration

Rapaport Academy GOMEZ Building

Stephenville First National Bank

First Baptist Waco

WRS Plant