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UMHB Performing Arts Center

UMHB Performing Arts Center

Working in Phases

When the University of Mary Hardin Baylor was constructing its new state-of-the-art performing arts center, they needed the work to be done in phases. The 3-tier floor plan called for ARC Roofing to apply the roof to one section while construction continued on another. This schedule required that ARC work for a period of time and then cease working until additional sections were complete and ready for roofing to be applied. This staggered construction schedule may have posed problems for other roofers but not for ARC. We finished the job on-time, on-budget and on the customer’s schedule.


Providence is "in-the-dry"

Providence is “in-the-dry”

Fast Tracked Commercial Roofing Project

Providence Hospital’s new Lacy-Lakeview Express Care facility needed to be put “in-the-dry” quickly, meaning a roof needed to applied so that construction on the interior of the building could proceed as soon as possible. Such jobs are called “Fast Tracked” and ARC Roofing is no stranger to them. As a commercial roofer serving central Texas, our expertise is working with the customer to develop a application time-line that meets their construction schedule. Multiple crews worked when needed, including nights and weekends, to get the roof applied on-time, on-budget and within the customer’s timeline.


Certified Tier-1 Manufacturer Commercial Roofing Applicator

Baylor Housing Project Required Manufacturer's Certification

Baylor Housing Project Required Manufacturer’s Certification

It was not your ordinary 60,000 square foot membrane roofing project. The Baylor University housing project called for a roofing material manufactured by Carlisle to be applied in a specific way  in order to withstand severe weather conditions and high winds while remaining under warranty. There are but a few roofing companies that qualify to do such work – ARC Roofing being one of them. Roofing applicators must pass the rigorous certification process designed by Carlisle and have a minimum of 5-years roofing experience in order to work on the job. The membrane roof on the Baylor housing project was completed on-time, on-budget and can now withstand winds of up to 90mph. Thank you Baylor University for putting your faith in ARC Roofing – your certified, tier 1 manufacturer commercial roofing applicator.



Safety Comes First During ARC Commercial Roofing Projects