Frequently Asked Questions – Certified Roofer

Commercial roofing is a specialty field, and you need professionals you can trust. Finding a certified roofer, like ARC Roofing, is extremely important. With the number of commercial roofers out there, we recommend you really investigate before you hire. ARC Roofing has developed this list of questions to help guide you as you interview candidates for your commercial roofing work. Aside from our own expertise, here are a few sources we used to build the below content: Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, the Texas Department of Insurance and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Is it important that the contractor has a permanent place of business?

This is an important contractor selection guideline to start with this because most dissatisfaction involves low-bid undercapitalized contractors. If the contractor is not permanently established, how can you be confident he will complete the work – or will still be in business tomorrow to handle any problems? It is advisable to immediately reject any contractor without a permanent place of business.

What is the difference between a certified and an uncertified roofing contractor?

Certified roofing contractors voluntarily complete an application process through the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and pass the certification exam, demonstrating that they have the technical skills and business knowledge to provide quality service. Hiring a certified roofer is the best way to start your project.

How will using certified roofers help me be sure the company is trustworthy?

All certified roofing contractors are required to provide proof that they have been doing business in Texas for at least three (3) years. Choosing a company that has a successful business model, with a track record and history you can verify over a period of years, will help ensure you choose a trustworthy company.

Does the company carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?

Another factor to investigate when deciding on a commercial roofer, (or residential roofing contractor for that matter) is to question the company’s representatives on whether they can provide specific, detailed information about their insurance coverage. They should be able to provide the name and phone number of their insurance agent so you can verify everything. Doing so will help protect you from being financially harmed by uninsured or inadequately insurance contractors.

What is the commercial roofer’s record for complaint resolution?

We recommend you ask the contractor for their specific steps to customer complaint resolution. It is not uncommon for even the highest quality companies to have customer change requests. It is how the company handles these issues that indicates whether you should do business with them. A resource to do reputation-checking on your roofing candidate is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). For Central Texas, call (254) 755-7772, and ask for local BBB contact Adam Price. To locate your local BBB chapter by zip code, Click Here.

Does the company’s portfolio or references of previous work demonstrate successful experience to meet your roofing needs?

Commercial roofing companies should either have a portfolio of their previous and ongoing projects, or a list of references you can call to get feedback on their track record. Whether the list is online or in writing, calling a few of these names and getting honest feedback is a great step to take before hiring a commercial roofer.